تمام لوحة المفاتيح العربية

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TAMAM keyboard is a smart and easy-to-use keyboard application designed specifically for Arabs. TAMAM Arabic keyboard includes many features and features that make it one of the most important and powerful applications on the Google Play Store, and the most important of these features are:
First: the multi-language feature, where the Arabic keyboard includes many languages ​​that are used by Arabs a lot, and the most important of these languages ​​are "English, French, Turkish, Korean, Spanish…" and many other languages.
Second: The spelling and personal dictionary feature, and this feature facilitates and speeds up the writing on the user, so that it identifies the words that are used continuously and shows them at the beginning of the candidate words bar, and also special words can be added to the dictionary and when writing the first letter they will appear on the word bar .
Third: The translation feature 📝 where the keyboard includes three translation properties.
1: The direct translation feature, which enables you to write the text and translate it at the same time.
2: The copy for translation feature, which enables you to copy and translate any text.
3: A translation of the Franco language, and this feature helps users who speak Arabic but cannot write in Arabic letters. This feature helps them write Arabic in English letters and converts it into Arabic.
Fourth: The property of changing keyboard themes or backgrounds.
The keyboard includes hundreds of types of backgrounds, the most important of which are "landscapes, fashion, romance, occasions, cute, anime and celebrities…". It also regulates the personal design feature that allows the user to control the shapes and colors of the keyboard buttons, as well as choose his picture 🌇 from the photo gallery on the phone.
Fifthly: the decoration and Arabic and English fonts, and fonts are divided into two types
1: Artistic fonts where the user can choose fonts that appear as background on the keyboard.
2: Decorative lines that enable the user to activate them on the keyboard, and they appear when writing and at the recipient as well.
Sixth: The emoji change feature, you can apply the full Arabic keyboard to install any emoji shape you want and it supports all modern emoji.
Seventh: Stickers and Animations, 🎇 Tamam The Arabic keyboard contains a very rich content of funny stickers and animated comic images, and also enables you to search online for animated stickers and send them without having to exit the application.
Eighth: The clipboard and the sentences used, and the keyboard supports the clipboard feature so that it saves recent copies and important copies can also be installed, and also includes a wide variety of expressive sentences used among young people, especially romantic and sad sentences, as well as sentences and sermons.

If you are bored with the shape of the normal keyboard and want to be distinguished and write in an ornate font or want to chat with foreign friends without the help of translation applications, the keyboard is your most suitable choice, a fun and completely free board, and there are more than ten million users who have downloaded it.



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